Vaude backpacks: suspension systems, technologies and adaptations.

For maximum comfort, lightness and fast and precise adjustments, Vaude uses state-of-the-art systems and technologies in its backpacks.

Currently, Vaude uses muscle flex, V-Flex, Alpine Anatomic, Vent-Tex, Aeroflex, Aeroflex Easy Ajust, Tergolight, Tergolight Easy Adjust and F.L.A.S.H. technologies in its backpacks, F.L.A.S.H. NT and Boa.

Until 2012 he used the Anatomic NT and Anatomic NT Ultralight suspension systems.

Until 2011 he used the Proflex suspension system and Twist2Fit technology.


  • They keep the backpack close to the body and distribute the load perfectly eliminating over-pressure points.
  • They evenly distribute the load on the shoulders and hips.
  • They create a separation between the backpack and the back where the air can circulate freely.
  • When the backpack is fully full, instead of carrying against the back, the backpack maintains its shape and distance from the back.
  • The waist support can be adjusted to fit each person's hips comfortably without creating gaps. This ensures that the weight of the load is transferred directly to the hips.
  • The user's freedom of movement is not affected.

Suspension systems and their preferred use

Hiking Trekking
One-off departures
Anatomic Alpine
Muscle Flex
Aeroflex Easy Adjust
Tergolight Easy Adjust
Anatomic NT
Anatomic NT Ultralight

Vaude Backpack VFlex Suspension System LogoVflex

Vaude Backpack VFlex Suspension SystemThe VFlex suspension system is specially designed to meet the demands of alpine terrain. The backpack sits close to the body and distributes weight equally along the back achieving optimal balance while walking.

Inside the backpack, a preformed plate on the back ensures the stability of the backpack preventing the back from deforming against the back even when fully charged. To achieve greater lightness, this plate can be removed and thus reduce the weight a little more.

The lumbar belt can be completely detached, which is extremely practical if you have to wear a step harness on a high-altitude expedition.

Anatomic Alpine Suspension System Logo for Vaude BackpacksAnatomic Alpine

Specially designed for mountaineering and long routes with lots of luggage. Instead of a detachable aluminum frame, the Alpine Anatomic suspension system has a lighter, anatomical rear panel inside the backpack backrest. This prevents the load from creating bulges in the backrest which significantly improves comfort when carrying the backpack. This panel can be removed if necessary to reduce weight.

Two long pads along the spine create a ventilation channel for the back.

The lumbar belt can be worn in three different ways: As a traditional lumbar belt that provides greater comfort when carrying the loaded backpack. With your lumbar belt up and a strap acting like a belt, which is ideal if you're carrying your backpack with a harness. And without the lumbar belt as it can be completely removed.

Vaude Escapator 30+10 Backpack Back
Vaude Escapator Backpack 30+
10Alpine Anatomic Suspension System for Vaude Backpacks

Vaude Challenger 35+10 Backpack Back
Vaude Challenger Backpack 35+10

Vaude Backpack Muscle Flex Suspension System Logo Muscle Flex

Muscle Flex has been designed for use in changing mountainous terrain. This suspension system is extremely lightweight and keeps the backpack close to the body for perfect stability and freedom of movement. A lightweight aluminum panel stabilizes the top of the backrest while adapting to the movements at the bottom of the torso. This panel can be shaped as needed as well as completely disassembled from the backpack.

Vaude Backpack Muscle Flex Suspension System

Vaude Bulin 30 Backpack Back
Vaude Bulin 30 Bac

The backrest of the backpack is made of hot-stamped memory foam. The anatomical drawings of the foam pads adapt to the muscle groups of the back allowing optimal weight distribution.

Vaude Vent-Tex Backpack Suspension System LogoVent-Tex

The Vent-Tex suspension system seeks to ensure the greatest possible comfort for cyclists.The back padding design consists of two long pads located on the sides along the spine. These pads do not absorb moisture and create a long ventilation channel that maintains air circulation through the back.

It also incorporates an anatomical rear panel that adapts to the specific curvature of the back when riding a bike. This panel ensures that the load is properly distributed and does not deform against the back when carrying the fully charged backpack. The backpacks that incorporate the Vent-Tex system offer greater stability of the backpack and its cargo.

Vaude Trail Light 12 Backpack Back
Vaude Trail Light Backpack
12Vaude Vent-Tex Backpack Suspension System

Vaude Tracer 15 Backpack Back
Vaude Tracer Backpack 15

Aeroflex suspension system logo on Vaude backpacksAeroflex

The Aeroflex suspension system provides great ventilation in the back and is one of the most tested and tested systems by Vaude. The large separation between the mesh and the backrest ensures three excellent ventilation pathways for the back that thanks to a light steel spring is maintained even when the backpack is fully charged. Thanks to new materials, the backrest mesh allows maximum comfort of use without reducing ventilation.

Aeroflex suspension system in Vaude backpacks

Vaude Ultra Hiker 20 Backpack Backrest
Vaude Ultrahiker 20 Backpac
Vaude Ultra Hiker 30 Backpack Backrest

Vaude Ultrahiker 30 Backpack

Aeroflex Easy Adjust suspension system logo on Vaude backpacksAeroflex Easy Adjust

Vaude Brenta 42 Backpack Backrest
Vaude Brenta Backp
ack 42

Aeroflex Easy Adjust's new design is an all-terrain in backpack suspension systems. Vaude has used a new Aeroflex mesh and introduced the Easy Adjust mechanism. This is not adjusted using an automatic connector behind the mesh but rather by pulling the adjustment tapes that regulate the tension of the mesh, being a system very easy to use.

Vaude Aeroflex Easy Adjust Suspension System

Vaude Wizard 30+4 Backpack Backup
Vaude Wizard Backpack

The mesh placement is adjusted through two ribbons that provide the best fit to the mesh in all circumstances. If you require greater ventilation strips of the tapes increasing the tension of the mesh and if you need greater stability, you reduce the tension of the mesh. Aeroflex Easy Adjust provides not only a three-way ventilation system, but also the possibility to adapt your backpack to each circumstance.

Tergolight suspension system logo on Vaude backpacksTergolight

It is the classic system for trekking and mountaineering backpacks. Comfortable to use, easy to adjust, stable and helps distribute the load over the lumbar belt at the waist. A push mechanism on the back of the backpack allows us to quickly and optimally adjust the length of the back to suit the size of each person.

Tergolight suspension system in Vaude backpacks

Vaude Cimone 40+8 Backpack Backrest
Vaude Cimone 40+8 Backpac
Vaude Astra Light 60 Backpack Backrest

Vaude Astra Light 60 Backpack

Tergolight Easy Adjust suspension system logo on Vaude backpacksTergolight Easy Adjust

Vaude Terkum 65+10 II Backpack Backing
Vaude Terkum 65+10 II Backpack

TTergolight Easy Adjust suspension system in Vaude backpacksop destination for long hiking and mountaineering trails. The Tergolight Easy Adjust system allows you to perfectly adjust the backpack without having to remove it as it incorporates a mechanism in the lumbar belt that allows you to adjust the distance between your back and the backpack while wearing it.

Anatomic NT suspension system logo on Vaude backpacksAnatomic NT

Vaude Rock 45+10 Backpack Backrest
Vaude Rock Backpack 45+

This suspension system is characterized by a shape that adapts to the body which stabilizes the load of the backpack and its inertias. In addition, it has a rear support that ensures efficient load distribution even when the backpack is fully charged. On the other hand, when the backpack is full, the backrest will not be compressed or deformed against the back being extremely stable for the transport of high loads.

Anatomic NT suspension system in Vaude backpacks

A series of Tergo pads are inserted throughout the backrest to complete the system. These do not absorb moisture and are designed to create air ventilation channels that allow the creation of a constant flow between them and the consequent thermal improvement.

Anatomic NT logo on Vaude backpacks Anatomic NT Ultralight

This system provides a perfect bond between the body and the backpack along with a perfect load balance. Removing the rear support makes this backpack very light even when it is full.

Proflex suspension system logo on Vaude backpacksProflex

The Proflex suspension system was specially designed for mountaineering. Make back contact areas extremely comfortable and flexible. This flexibility has been achieved by omitting a rear support, this plus being essential when full freedom of movement is needed in mountain activities such as climbing.

Vaude backpack backrest with 35+10
Vaude Conex Backpack 35
+1Proflex suspension system in Vaude backpacks0

In addition, with a lightweight and curved aluminium frame maximum stability is guaranteed, and can be easily removed if necessary. Vaude has chosen to use an innovative molded foam construction to increase the comfort of use even with load. The curved shape, strategically located in the rear section, conforms to the shape of the spine, achieving by viscoelastic foam eliminate pressure points ensuring that the backpack adapts to the user's movements.

The Proflex system allows you to carry your backpack close to your body when greater stability is needed on high slope terrain.


F.L.A.S.H. Suspension System Logo for Vaude BackpacksF.L.A.S.H.

With the F.L.A.S.H. system you can adjust the length of the backpack handles quickly and easily. On the back it has a Velcro that allows the adjustment of the handles. The F.L.A.S.H. system is incorporated together with the Aeroflex suspension system.
F.L.A.S.H. Vaude Backpack Technology

F.L.A.S.H. suspension system logo. NT Backpack VaudeF.L.A.S.H. Nt

The F.L.A.S.H. system. NT has two mechanisms that allows us to fine-tuning the length of the backpack handles quickly and comfortably. The drive system is located at the outlet of the handles, being able to individually adjust the length of each one. The F.L.A.S.H. system. NT is incorporated in conjunction with the Anatomic NT and Ergonomic suspension system.
Technology F.L.A.S.H. NT Backpack Vaude

VAude Backpack BOA Technology LogoBoa

The Boa system allows a complete customization of the lumbar belt adjustment of the backpack to suit both men and women. You can change the belt adjustment with one hand easily and accurately. Even carrying heavy loads, the adjustment system ensures a smooth distribution of weight over the hip. This system makes exclusive single-sex lumbar belts obsolete.
VAude Backpack BOA Technology

Twist2fit system logo on Vaude backpacksTWIST2FIT

The TWIST2FIT system makes it possible to adjust the waist support perfectly for both men and women. With a rotating ratchet located on the waist support, the angle of your straps can be adjusted to perfectly fit the waist, absorbing and transmitting the load through the lumbar region. With Twist2Fit technology you don't need to differentiate between men's or women's lumbar belts.Twist2Fit Vaude Backpack Technology


Women's Design

Vaude backpack adata to a woman's anatomyThe designers who make these backpacks have relied on their long experience in the mountain world to be able to develop backpacks adapted to the specific needs of women.

The woman has a lower back length and torso than the man, which requires that the length of the backpack backrest be also smaller. Also, being less wide on the back, it also requires narrower backpacks.

S-shaped shoulder pads fit better to the shoulders and contour of the female body. Soft, padded edges on the shoulder pads make the backpack more comfortable, especially when softening rubbing with the bra or a sleeveless top.

The wide, padded lumbar belt is specifically designed to fit the contour of the waist and female hips, ensuring optimal load distribution. The female lumbar belt is somewhat longer than the male one and a soft padding ensures it is comfortable on the hips.

Vaude Ultraligh Backpack LogoUltralight

The Ultralight icon identifies Vaude backpacks that are the lightest of their kind available on the market today. Its minimum weight is achieved thanks to the use of extremely light materials and by reducing systems and elements that are not basic.

ShieldTech logo in Vaude backpacksShieldTech

Shield Tech protects the backpack at the points of highest wear and most likely to tear with an additional anti-abrasion impression. This improves abrasion resistance in these areas and increases backpack life.

Logo Cordura in Vaude backpacks Sanity

Refers to the type of material with which the backpack is made. Cordura is from the Invista house and has quite a prestige for the most technical client because it is a material with excellent resistance to abrasion, tears and tensions. Cordura is 10 times more durable than cotton, 3 times more than polyester and 2 times more than nylon.

Elink logo on Vaude backpacksElink

The ELINK system indicates that the lumbar belt of the backpack may occasionally be replaced by the Edelrid harnesses. The design of both the backpack and the harness allows a perfect fit detracting from the weight of the assembly.

Logo Ultra Seam Tech de Vaude Ultra Seam Tech

With Ultra Seam Tech two materials are permanently joined together but without any seams. This makes the backpack joints fully waterproof and increased stress resistance as the materials have not been drilled by any needle.Union of materials using Vaude's Ultra Seam Tech


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