Ecological certificates in the manufacture of clothing and outdoor material.

An ecological certificate associated with a product ensures that the product meets minimum requirements for environmental care and sustainability.

Depending on the approach of the certificate, they can be divided into seals dedicated to creating sustainable materials with what products are created, those that are dedicated to the manufacture and production itself of the product, those that focus on working conditions as well as the entire social aspect of the chain and those who care about caring for and conserving nature.

Certificates dedicated to materials and fabrics

It is a badge that you can find in products with feather filling that guarantees that the down cannot come from animals that have suffered any type of damage, such as forced feeding or plucking in life, guaranteeing the welfare of the animal.

Products with RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certificate.

Terracare leather comes from ox fur from farms unique to northern Germany where the animal is protected and taken care of. The skin is processed according to the highest environmental standards using only safe chemicals to prevent damage to people or the planet.

Its high level of environmental sustainability guarantees the natural comfort of use, in addition to environmentally friendly production and resource conservation as no waste is generated, Terracare uses 99% of the skin and its by-products.

Terracare certified products.

You will find this label on textile products that have been tested to ensure that they do not contain any harmful elements to human health. It ensures that products that come into contact with the skin are free of allergenic elements, harmful chemicals, heavy metals and carcinogens. It also guarantees its ecological quality

Oeko Tex certified products.

This seal indicates that the product has been waterproofed in an environmentally friendly manner without using fluorocarbons (PFCs).

FSC-certified wood ensures that it comes from forests with sustainable management. The Forest Management Board promotes environmentally appropriate, society-beneficial and economically viable forest management of the world's forests.

FSC-certified products

P.U.R.E. is the first recycled pen certificate awarded by GRS (Global Recycle Standard). The pen is recycled from already discarded products such as jackets, pillows or duvets. The recovered pen is precisely washed, sterilized and treated to maintain the integrity of its properties to meet the world's strictest cleaning standards. The process requires less water, energy and has a lower carbon footprint than getting virgin feather.

The pen achieved has the same characteristics and properties as the virgin pen. The pen eventually discarded in the process is transformed into organic fertilizer.

P.U.R.E. Recycled Down Certified Products

This seal is an international and voluntary standard that establishes the requirements to certify the use of recycled materials and their chain of custody as well as some social and environmental processes and some restrictions on the use of chemicals.

Its ultimate goal is to promote and increase the use of recycled materials as well as to give greater transparency to the whole process.

GRS Global Recycled Standard certified products

Certificates dedicated to manufacturing and production

This seal ensures sustainable textile production throughout the manufacturing chain. Eliminates harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for safe, organic production.

This label is the most demanding in the world in terms of environmental protection. It ensures that the entire production chain uses harmless components and processes for the occupational and physical health of people and the environment.

Bluesign certified products.

Vaude's Green Shape seal ensures that the product has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. Manufactured from sustainable materials, with resource-saving manufacturing and fair production facilities.

Green Shape certified products.

The Myclimate certificate ensures that all carbon emissions have been fully compensated and neutralized both in the manufacturing process of the product and its shipment and in the materials used in its production. It's a neutral carbon seal.

Myclimate certified products.

The Seal Gruner Knopf (Boton Verde) is the first textile seal certified by the German state and independently audited.

The Knopf combines criteria for both products and companies that have to demonstrate demanding ecological and social standards. Ecological criteria include the prohibition of softeners and hazardous textile chemicals, as well as natural fibres tested for harmful substances. And social criteria include the prohibition of child and forced labour, the minimum wage and occupational health and safety. In total, a product to be marked with the Green Button must comply with 46 social and environmental standards.

Products certified by Gruner Knopf.

Certificates dedicated to social and working conditions

The Fair Wear Foundation works to improve the conditions of textile workers and ensures that its members follow a code of good work practice.

Fair Wear Foundation certified products.

Amfori BSCI encompasses companies with a common code of conduct and the goal of building an ethical supply chain that improves social performance across the chain to put sustainable trade at the heart of the business. It is based on the most important international conventions that protect workers' rights, mainly the recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

It is based on 11 labour principles: fair remuneration, not child labour, ethical business behaviour, non-discrimination, decent working hours, not precarious work, environmental protection, not forced labour, protection of young workers, safety at work and freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Products with amfori BSCI certificate.

Certificates dedicated to the care and conservation of nature

EOCA is a charity that directly funds specific projects for the conservation of nature and wild places. The association wants to demonstrate that the European outdoor industry is committed to returning something to the environment and making a real difference in conservation in large outdoor environments. Its activity is both for raising funds to return something to the environment and for informing and educating all those who use the outdoors as a playground.

EOCA certified products.


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  1. It’s quite hard to get one of these stringent sustainability certifications, the commitment and the effort required by the company to be certified is massive.
    You can make an impact on the environment and society by purchasing products with sustainability certification labels… it’s always good to remember this.
    Simply, choose and take action!

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