We say goodbye to free returns!

Each transport in each package has associated greenhouse gas emissions. A return involves transporting back a package that has already made a one-way trip. And if we add to these trips those that do not look like the journey of origin of the product that could have come exclusively from a distribution center and before, from factory to this distribution center. And that on intermediate travel it has passed through several logistics centers and stopped at a couple of delegations of the carriers in each transport. These add up to many transports for each product shipped and returned.

Also each transport has other secondary costs such as packaging that end up generating garbage, paper labels printed on each trip, the energy used in printers, computers, conveyor belts, PDAs, mobiles… Workers who intervene throughout the chain who in many cases do not have the best conditions.

And beyond the environmental cost and CO2 emissions, there would be the economic cost of assuming the amount of each transport. The cost of time to manage each return. And the cost of effort to move a manufactured product at a very far point to the end point where it is delivered to the customer.

From our point of view, there is a lot of cost of a returned product.

We believe it is important to make a smarter and more responsible purchase. Therefore, avoid impulsive and irresponsible purchases and relegate the idea that a purchase is free of charge.

We do not know the correct method to be able to manage returns. But we have discovered after 10 years that offering free returns is not helping to create a responsible purchasing method. Otherwise, you are creating thoughtless purchasing dynamics where there is less and less commitment when you click on the buy button. Since clicking Buy is as easy as clicking Return.

We don’t want to sell less, but we do want to sell more respa financially. We know that many fewer customers will choose us when buying, but those who do will buy that product they really want and need. And that they will take all the effort and time necessary to get their choice right.

And if you don’t get it right, we’ll all respond together so that on the next occasion it will.


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